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Advancing connected care with smart bed technology


The NHS estimates inpatient falls cost around £634M. More patients have complex care needs and there are huge shortages of healthcare professionals, so the need for connected healthcare has never been more.

Hillrom is a leading provider of medical technologies, their mission is to advance connected care in the healthcare industry.


NHS Trusts are lagging behind in adopting digital technology and the landscape for hospital beds is competitive and budget driven.

So how can we convince decision makers that they should future proof and invest today in connected beds for their trusts?

Beds Today


The Tomorrow’s Beds Today campaign targets a diverse audience in the healthcare sector, born from the truth that many healthcare professionals perceive the technology for smart hospital beds as futuristic, whereas the technology is actually available now. It was also important to emphasize that NHS trusts, while not necessarily ready for smart bed technology today, will be ready before the life of their bed estate expires.

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Inc launched Hillrom’s marketing campaign for smart beds,
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